The Zen Den

The Zen Den is based at the Canal Basin in Ripon. The aim of the Zen Den is provide a calm, peaceful space for Children and families. A place where workshops and classes can be accessed as well as building a sense of community.

As the saying goes "it takes a village to raise a child" and we aim to be that village. As a parent we often feel alone with  our struggles.  The Zen Den offers children a safe space to play, relax, create,  and voice their feelings to help manage their big emotions. 

We also offer classes for parents  to enable them to have some time to themselves or learn along with their child.

After the first national lock-down, we realised that many new parents and babies have missed out on vital socialising time which is important for overall development.  We now offer Sensory play and messy play sessions and a space for parents to connect.

See timetable for all classes and groups.